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Being a young human on this water filled rock circling around the commonly adorned glowing star many humans refer to as “the sun”; aware of the madness that is, I looked to the only sibilance of an evolutionary trait in the collective consciousness of all. This evolution is and continues to be: The internet.

The internet is a place where humans can congregate over the great distances of this earth and find common ground. This supersedes old forms of collective belonging such as religion, gangs, and bars. To the old, the internet seems like a strange place that is but a passing phase; but to us young people we know that this is the next step. Instead of going out and meeting humans locally – the youth are meeting one another via the networking systems of the internet. Where in the past one would meet their spouse at the local pizza shop (or some sort of real world interaction) people are now meeting in chat rooms, dating sites, and social networking.

Those who adapt to these changes will evolve, and those who don’t will be left behind. To think that human beings are static is a very old way of thinking. Our neural networks are infinitely malleable if one is willing to be open to change. The only element constant in this universe is change… and to ignore this and focus on menial problems and situations is ludicrous. Your cells are decaying and spiraling out of control right now, and to waste a single second is quite the fruitless endeavor.

Don’t waste time – be like David Bowie. Change as much as you can.

So why on an image site do I have this grand manifesto?
I don’t know… but I did. So deal with it.

I have traveled the seas of the internet for many years… and throughout my wanderlust I have encountered many hilarious and fascinating pictures. This web site is dedicated to what I consider to be the best of the best of internet images. I handpicked the best pics, so as you poke the picture, the next picture should be that of equal or greater quality. I find the problem with most image sites is the lack of quality control. Here at “Pics that don’t suck”, there are images of lolin’, learnin’, and trollin' - so enjoy poking those pictures!

If by chance there is an image on this website that you would like me to take down, email me at – picsthatdontsuck@gmail.com – and I will remove the image promptly! You can also submit pictures if you wish!

Enjoy and Godspeed!!! : )

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